Lark Distillery

Lark is a State treasure. Each time I visit, the house whiskys bloom anew on my tastebuds and there are new friends to be found. On my first stop, my Aunt insisted we stop at Lark Distillery on our way back from MONA and with about 40 mins from closing we had the bar pretty much to ourselves. We fell into easy conversation with a visitor from Sydney who had been spending some time with the bartender on a taster session, both sharing with us their top tips. I have to love a bartender that tells me it's ok to prefer my whisky on ice.

No need to twist my arm a second time, on my next visit to Hobart Lark was top of my list. Where whisky flows, so too does banter, and Lark was full of life on our last stop on a chilly Saturday eve. We tried a sweet dram from Lark's range that really hit the spot.