surfers paradise, queensland, australia

When the weather turns icy we Victorians love to get some sunshine and the Gold Coast is the perfect spot for a winter getaway. Melbourne doesn't always achieve walkability but it is something we like, so the very centre of Surfer's Paradise is the ideal spot. We stayed at The Vibe Hotel on Ferny Ave; there are other hotels closer but this was in our mid-range, barely-no-longer-a-backpacker budget. The hotel was clean, safe, quiet and had fantastic views. My friend had connections, so we were picked up by a limo at the airport to arrive at the hotel in style with kudos and $50 for Wazza. I find that Queensland generally has excellent public transport, which any traveller will tell you is worth its weight in gold, so we used light rail and buses to get around. Melbourne's Myki system could take a few lessons from the Go card.

We made several forays to the outskirts of Surfer's but for the most part stayed within the Elkhorn-Cavill block when not nerding it up at the theme parks. Some prior research and some wandering around yielded some exciting spots to eat and drink.