sunshine coast, queensland, australia

Quite typically for a Victorian I have spent my whole life travelling up and down the east coast for holidays in Queensland, visiting family members who started migrating north when I was eight years old. My father moved to the Sunshine Coast about twelve years ago and can hardly go 10km without running into someone from his hometown.

There is something entrancing about endless days of sunshine; the reliability and the copper glow on everything you see. A Victorian can grow weary of the mercurial whims of southern weather but the savage winds and unpredictable sky have their own energy that ruthlessly drive a resident to walk a little faster and make the most of each moment.

For a Melburnian tourist the attraction of a locale closer to the equator is for a short time the ability to breathe, to slow the pace, to lengthen the day, to soak up the uninterrupted sunshine. The Sunshine Coast provides these benefits and, to appease the southern hordes, is home to some of the best coffee spots and eateries for miles around.