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We've curated a gallery of items encountered during our travels to bring the world into your life and home, shopping directly with the makers themselves (us for now but stay tuned!)

our redbubble products


A-Line Dresses

We’ve captured some stunning Australian flowers on tramps through Sassafras, Melbourne CBD, Wilsons Prom, and Cranbourne and Adelaide Royal Botanic Gardens and have turned them dresses.


Chiffon Tops

Our native flora designs in a top that you can dress up or down


Tote Bags

Tote bags inspired by Australian Flora

lotus skirt.jpg


Fun skirts inspired by our wanders through Melbourne and Adelaide Royal Botanic Gardens


Duvet Covers

Duvet covers that will set you to waking up with a smile


Throw Cushions

Designs for the lounge inspired by beloved landmarks and native flora

iphone case.jpg

iPhone Cases

Fun phone cases inspired by familiar events, architecture and native flora

laptop sleeve.jpg

Laptop Sleeves

The tools of our trade deserve the most attractive coverings

greeting card.jpg

Greeting Cards

Design and photographic cards for all occasions

framed print.jpg

Framed Prints

Photographs and designs to inspire you to adventure

block print.jpg

Block Prints

Acrylic block prints of photos and designs from Melburnian Guide to travels at home and abroad

Pike Place copy.png

Melburnian Guide to the USA

Postcards, stationery, apparel and homeware designs based on our travels throughout the east and west coasts of the USA