Inle Lake, Myanmar

We searched for hours trying to find the song that we thought best fit our time in Inle Lake, but none quite seemed to fit. We attribute that to the fact that the land itself seemed to sing - with an uplifting crescendo at sunrise, peaks and troths throughout the long, hot days and a soothing denouement as the sun slowly hid behind the surrounding hills. Another place we knew very little about before arriving, Inle Lake swept us off our feet in the two short days we stayed.

The lake is of course the masterpiece and the floating villages dotted around its outstretching murky waters snatched our breath on multiple occasions. Though the boat tours are undoubtedly touristy, they are engaging insights into the attractions and idiosyncrasies of the area- and all for less than $5. There are jewelers crafting necklaces and rings and all things alike out of almost pure silver. Wizened, motherly women weave gorgeous sheets of fabric made from a local lotus plant and roll traditional Burmese cigars that taste like licorice. There’s kindness in the water in Inle Lake, a welcome balm for wanderers.