Criniti’s Southbank, Melbourne CBD

Even though Criniti's exists very much out in the open along the Southbank walk, the restaurant felt to us a revelation. It ticks all the boxes for a riverside establishment: refreshing and comprehensive drinks menu, outdoor seating, a view of the water, rapid service. It is a wonder to us that we had never been before and a curse that we haven't found the time to return every weekend since our visit!

We opted for the fresh prosciutto and big pizza from the gourmet menu, the flavours all-consuming and the meal very more-ish. The restaurant is ideally suited to large groups with a BBQ and pizza menu built to size. Not only were our hosts generous in their portion sizes, in true Italian style we were encouraged to take with us beautiful doughnuts for dessert and some melt-in-your-mouth after dinner mints.

We're all for gender equality, so don't be put off by the unisex toilets, that and the engine decor are all part of the Criniti charm!

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