All Day Donuts, Brunswick

Melbourne, we're confused. Is it 'doughnuts' or 'donuts'? We're not sure it doesn't matter when we're faced with glazed wonders like lamington and Simpsons replicas! All Day Donuts doubles as charming retro diner Juanita Peaches and is HQ for the famous Beatbox Kitchen and Taco Trucks. The diner is in full sun during the afternoon and perfect for capturing some rays during the cooler months but we can see All Day Donuts / Juanita Peaches is an ideal summer hang out.

That's a lot going on in one spot but, not to worry, the donuts are front and centre as you walk through the door. The sugary glaze requires a caffeine hit for balance and while we had a latte, Broadsheet recommends a filter coffee and we would concur, it would pair perfectly.