Miss Ladybird Cakes, McKinnon

About 10% of my affection for Miss Ladybird Cakes comes from it being located in my old stomping ground; 10% comes from Miss Ladybird Gina's deep connection with Edinburgh, my OE home; 10% comes from the spectacular gluten free snickers wedding cake they made for a friend and the rest is all about the taste.

While Miss Ladybird Cakes is a boutique patisserie that makes cakes and desserts solely to order, in July they held a public bake sale and it went off! Frangipani Tarts, Champagne Cupcakes, Tangelo Rhubarb and Vanilla Tea Cakes, lemon meringue doughnuts... Divine flavours and all art.

Keep an eye out for the next bake sale via Miss Ladybird's Facebook page.