Coe and Coe, Cremorne

We're not sure which cafe in Cremorne we were actually looking for but we stumbled on this little gem on the way. What struck us first about Coe & Coe was that it is an oasis amongst the strange combination of warehouses and residential houses that is Cremorne, with it's outside walls covered in quirky street art and a basketball ring in the front courtyard. While it doesn't offer a lot of siting space, Coe & Coe is a very comfortable place for a stand up chat - strange to say about a cafe but true none-the-less. The key is in the familiar and welcoming demeanour of the barista and staff - and the breakfast sweeties at the front counter! We arrived before the morning rush, and what struck us was how customers started to drop in the crowd lingered, no one was in a rush to get their cuppa and be off, everyone stayed and chatted together; milling about and reluctant to leave the warmth of friends for the chill winter morning with only a warm cup of Allpress for comfort.

Not only does Coe & Coe encourage a community atmosphere amongst customers, they are a social enterprise as well. Subscribing to the B1G1 (Buy 1, Give 1) initiative, food and beverage purchases at the cafe contribute to water, grain and medical programs in developing countries. Our barista was very passionate about this aspect of the cafe and we enjoyed hearing about this side of the business.

Notable coffee on the Responsible Cafes Trail.


Coe & Coe are registered with Responsible Cafes.