Silo Art Trail, Horsham

If you're up for flying your urban nest there are some gems to discover on the road heading west. The Silo Art Trail stretches 200km between Patchewollock and Horsham, featuring work from Guido van Helton, Fintan Magee and Adnate. You can't miss these painted silos towering along the skyline, with their striking, earthy tones the silos depict country life - the industry, the people and the untameable landscape.

Silo art is rallying rural communities and drawing tourism into small townships full of character. We have travelled through South Australia and Victoria to take in the majesty of these murals, revisiting some and others viewing for the first time. Guido van Helton has murals in Coonalpyn, SA and was the first artist on the now famous trail at Brim, Victoria. Guido in each site has depicted subjects that exemplify the strengths of its locals. Human subjects are significant features of the Trail, with Rosebery and Rupanyup artists Kaffeine and Julia Woolf also reflecting the potential of rural life and what brings communities together despite everyday distance. The Sheep Hills silos are an incredible sight coming into view as the road bends and the trees clear, artist Adnate has created a mural that is both striking against the skyline and stunningly blended into the landscape as the sun sets behind. This work brings to prominence local Indigenous Elders and children, and highlights their connection to the land.

The Silo Art Trail is well worth the adventure! With a couple of long weekends coming up, bookend your drive with stays in Stawell, Horsham, Halls Gap and Mildura - or be a proper tourist and let Grampians Wine Tours drive you!