Speakeasy Kitchen Bar, Prahran

When seen from across the street, the Speakeasy Kitchen Bar facade harks back to a forgotten era of Chapel Street, when the JB Hifi was still the Prahran Arcade and Dan Murphy had his cellar beneath the Turkish Baths. The interior is bursting with freshness and the scandi look timber tables and pop colour furniture invite you further and further in until you reach a sheltered courtyard with a beautiful cityscape mural and outdoor bar.  

In true speakeasy form we arrived at happy hour and there was simply no choice but to order the two-fer espresso martinis to sip on over dinner, the autumn evening a mite too chilly for a frosé.  

The weather necessitated comfort food, so shared dishes of lamb... and lamb it was! We were served two share plates, one a not-so small serve of lamb ribs with a pomegranate glaze and a full plate of the pulled lamb with salad, yoghurt, dukkah and flat bread. The lamb was lusciously tender, the salad made to enhance the flavour three-fold, we could not leave a bite on our plates. Sadly such delish generous serves meant no room for sticky date pudding!