South of Johnston, Collingwood

Down at the start of Oxford Street is an over-achieving cafe called South of Johnston, otherwise affectionately referred to as 'SoJo' by those who know it well. SoJo is a favourite spot for breakfast and is more often than not bustling from opening time, likely due to the artfully compiled menu and their ability to brew a good cuppa from their Supreme Beans. In winter you could pin SoJo's appeal down to utter cosiness with their local art, wood fire and Scandi wingbacks. If you ask nicely you can get half serves of your brekky and therein lies the secret to SoJo's success: dedication to their products and dedication to their customers. If you dig into South of Johnston's website you will find prefacing their menu a manifesto pledging service, locally and ethically sourced foods, waste management and clean energy; this is everything a millennial cafe lifestyler could ask for and more and the reason that SoJo is a staple of the Melbourne breakfast scene.