The Argyle Shop, Hamilton

The Argyle Shop is an enterprise of the local Uniting Church, who have taken over one of the empty old pubs in town and given it a new lease on life as an op shop. It is a bustling store full of china, glassware, appliances and furniture. My Aunt, who was showing me the best vintage spots in town, introduced me to Liz, a volunteer who often points out to visitors the best buys and has a sharp eye for quality. David was the go-to man for furniture and helped me wrestle a retro Danish TV cabinet into my little Mazda2. Last time I visited I cleaned them out of their vintage Corningware, gotta be quick with this op shop!  The shop benefits Rev Peter Cook and the presbytery's phenomenal community work with the homeless and other social justice causes.

The Argyle Shop is a social enterprise.