ArtVo, Docklands

Successful art is a transportive experience. ArtVo could be described as a theme park for your brain, the 'immersive gallery' is the perfect opportunity to give your imagination the reins. As with any gallery you might have visited, it has several zones full of unique artworks all set around various themes. The difference is, at ArtVo the intention is for guests to become part of the artwork itself.

You can turn the pages for a young lady playing the piano in a series of paintings dedicated to the Grand Masters; become part of Vincent's Starry Night; or style yourself after Botticelli's Aphrodite. With each successive zone, ArtVo engages your imagination more and more, from touching the belly of a humpback whale, to facing off against a panther, then facing off a troll! With the magic of perspective, you can become Thor wielding his mighty hammer or drift lazily through the canals of Venice in a Gondola.

Assisting you throughout your journey around the globe, under the sea, through dimensions and back in time are the fabulous ArtVo staff who set you up from the start with a great introduction to how to take photos that will have a 3D image popping out of your screen and then throughout each of the zones someone will stop by to give some inspiration or snap a pic or two for you.

Set amongst Docklands' newly relaunched 'The District', ArtVo is right at home with a host of family-friendly activities and venues: a fabulous food truck park, the Melbourne Star, a design market, late night shopping, restaurants and carnival rides. Now is the time to take advantage of the exciting evening atmosphere with Fridays and Saturdays open now until 11.30pm

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