Prado, Vancouver

Prado Gastown was my last Vancouver coffee stop and it was a wee bit of fun before heading to the airport. In keeping with Vancouver's general rejection of traveller helpfulness, Prado doesn't offer free wifi to customers (or maybe it does but you have ask, I hate having to ask), so what ensued was an excellent 50 mins of people watching from my very comfortable bench seat. Setting the tone was my lovely latte, cafe owner Sammy Piccolo uses family roast 49th Parallel, and a quirky avo and minted peas on toast for breakfast which my menu tells me is organic and sourced locally. The cafe was halfway to full when I arrived and rapidly reached capacity. I was surrounded on all sides by those elusive people who work from their laptops in a trendy cafe. How does one get to join this band of efficiently working hipsters? It is a strange feeling to be so hemmed in by plugged in people and not be able to access your email. I was most of all impressed by the two women operating this bustling cafe, who demonstrated deep compassion for a local homeless man who took shelter inside the shop giving him coffee and rest at one of the tables. This cafe manages to achieve what so many fail to do - it leaves you with a story.