We use 'Melburnian' as an adjective: the subjects of our reviews evoke strong feelings or passion; make a person at ease, comfortable; have a sense of quality, place and occasion; flaunt the left of centre or indulge the traditional.  'Melburnian' means seeing these attributes in any experience, anywhere in the world.

Why would we start to use 'Melburnian' as an adjective? Well, Melbourne is a glorious city.   With a combination of definable features and ephemeral characteristics, it offers a lifestyle no other city in Australia can. Melbourne’s CBD is vibrant day and night, alternating frequencies humming through its streets and laneways, bouncing off towering glass structures and absorbed by stalwart bluestone walls and cobbles. The city and suburban surrounds are host to world-class restaurants and cozy cafes, boutiques, theatres, galleries, sport centres and amusements. But these alone can’t make a city glorious.

Melburnians are fiercely proud and contrary and these core characteristics are the basis for everything one both loves and finds frustrating about the place. We are John Brack’s ‘Collins Street, 5pm’, we wear ‘Melbourne black’ and then bathe our laneways in Technicolor art; we want passionately to share ‘Aussie Rules’ football with the whole country but deep in our hearts it will always be the Victorian Football League; we think nothing of travelling to ‘the city’ from any direction but find it very hard to cross the river that marks the east/west divide. We celebrate cultural authenticity and feel that a rager at a low brow pub is a rite of passage (at any age). We adore festivals but loathe crowds; we are progressive yet still pay tithes to our conservative roots; we often experience four seasons in a single hour. We take our coffee very seriously. Very. Seriously.

The most successful guests to this fair city will take things as they come, bend with the wind and treat each step as if on the trail of a treasure map - and so this is how I travel. The whole world can be found in Melbourne: Paris in our Arts Centre spire and Collins St boutiques; Edinburgh in our Parkville University precinct and liberal Northcote; London reflected in Flinders Street Station and bluestone business blocks; New York in our skyline and restless city streets; Rome in rambunctious Lygon Street. Melbourne can make anyone feel at home and the places and experiences highlighted in this blog are ones that inspire these sentiments.